Redux: What parameter/expression can i use in te Original field when i want all/any?

Redux: This is a somewhtat reworked/reworded version of previous Topic

What parameter/expression can i use in the Original field when i want all/any?
ie the 'Original' values are varied/different and it is immaterial what they are - i just want to replace them all with the same text string or Tag

Select the files and apply either an action of the type "Format value" or use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for that field and enter as Format string the data that you want to see in that field.
If you want to delete the contents alltogether, try an action of the type "Remove fields" where you enter the field name.

More about actions, see the documentation:

thanks, but that does not answer the question, and doco on Actions is also not relevant to the query: is there a wild character or other global variable that means any/all that can be used in the Original Field?

Please accept that the concept does not include "search all" - that step can be skipped if you simply write the new data to the field.
If you need to narrow down the amount of files that need treatment, use the filter first.
if you want to change data in a field that is also shown in the tag panel, then enter the new data there and save the changes (Ctrl+S).

are you saying i can leave the Original field blank?

This would search for an empty string (which usually does not exist).

You have to let go the idea that you have to search for a string and then replace it.
The concept is that you if you refer to the complete field, then you simply overwrite it completely with an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag.
You use this method also to add new data to fields that did not exist previously.

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