Removal \\ from artist tag

how do I remove the \\ in artist field labeled like: Rema\\Selena Gomez

I want it to be renamed to : Rema & Selena Gomez

Try an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields" for ARTIST

Set as
Separator: &
(with leading and trailing space character)

I'm sorry but I'm not following. can you break it down or provide an example

Whch of the steps got you stuck?
Create an action?
Select the suggested action type?
Select the correct field?
Enter the separator?

here is the break down

I have a few artist field named like: Rema\\Selena Gomez

I want to remove the \\ and replace it with & so the artist field be changed to: Rema & Selena Gomez

If this can be done in the form of an action, great. Please advise.

I described it already in post #2.
You have a multi-value field, the \\ is only displayed by MP3tag and cannot be replaced as a string.
That is why you have to merge the fields and not replace anything in them.
Why didn't you try the suggestion?

I don't understand what you meant is what I'm saying

This is going round in circles.
Which part of my contributions did you understand and which didn't you?
The necessary steps have been outlined in post #2.
It would be up to you now to say which one you could not do.


this is what i have. what am i'm doing wrong?

I would say: that's it.
If that action does not work, then please show the screenshot of the extended tags dialogue.

sir I'm trying. I really am. how do I show the ext tags dialogue?

I'm trying to follow your instructions but don't understand.

See here:

and perhaps also see here:

sorry but this makes no sense.. i'm trying to follow but I cannot.

OK, in the meantime, in the deleted post you tried to do a simple replace - which did not work.
So the double backslash must be something else, I assume.
Do you have 2 fields of the type ARTIST in that file?
Check that in the extended tags dialogue Alt-T

It could all be speeded up if you just looked at the linked thread about the problem with \\

THANK YOU. I GOT IT. thank you.

And? What was the solution?

I'm embarrased to admit but it was the solution you first provided for. I didn't not understand it and had to recreate the action twice before it finally worked.