Remove Album Art?

Is there a way to remove all Album art except the front cover?

For my music i'm re-doing getting ready to add to Google Music. most of them have: Back Cover, Spine cover, booklet page pics, (i've seen some of the albums have upto 19 pics per file) and that eats up space fairly quick, and as google music doesn't support any of those except the front cover, is there a way to remove all of the pics, except the front cover? without renaming the files, or changing any of the other tags?

You would have to do it in 3 steps:
First, export all covers to the filesystem with an action. Use %album%_%cover_mimetype% as filename.
Now delete all covers from all files.
Third, import covers from the filesystem with the name %album%

A word to space saving: a picture of 40k is about the equivalent of 1 to 2 seconds of audio. So, removing 19 files from a file would save 19 seconds of music.
In addition, you would have to see if padding for tags an sector size on the harddisk let you really feel any substantial savings in comparison to get the pictures, label them, assign the correct type and so on.
In short: I would keep them.

If that were the case, I would leave them. but I've tagged them with Musicbrainz. and the pics and get upto 5 megs per pic.

I tagged 60 albums, and it added over 1.8 Gigs in pics to those mp3s.

Consider doing it like I do:
Store the front-Cover with resolution 800x800 in the file and keep all other files with filenames like
"albumartist - album - Front or Back or booklet or ..." as files in the album-folder.
In that way you are able to use these other covers in the future for the case you change your mind, use other software and so on and thes waste space only once and not as if they are ebedded in all tracks.

When I go through and tag/Organize my main collection. that's the plan
or possibly have them in the tags, and the album, i'm not sure yet.

But I don't think there's a way to specify size in MusicBrainz. Though mp3Tag, may be able too. i'm not sure. but if so. I don't think it'd be anything i'd have the patience to, if i had to lookup each album 1 at a time. that would take several months. which is why for the bulk of my collection MusicBrainz is great, so far i'm using mp3Tag for the files that it doesn't have in it's database.

You can search for (exported) pictures even with Windows Explorer, have Windows Explorer sort the results by size/dimensions and then start a batch job for adjusting the size with a tool like IrFanView.
You then reimport the pictures with MP3tag.
All tedious work done there by the machine.