Remove APEV2 Tags

Unless I am missing something, there isn't a way to remove APEV2 tags. It only has the option to remove APE tags but it can write APEV2.

I came across some files with APEV2 tags and I had to use Winamp to get rid of them. Is there a way to do this and if not, I'd suggest adding the capability.


APE is here the general term for any APE tag.
Tick the "Delete APE" check box and do not tick the "Write APE" check box in the options.
Press Ctrl-S to save the tag again (this time without APE tags)

Doesn't work. APEV2 is unchecked for write and APE is check for remove but it doesn't remove the APEV2 tag after I just wrote an APEV2 tag to test the ability to delete it..

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That solution doesn't look like it would work. CTRL-X should delete the tag. Make sure none of the tags you want to keep are checked in the REMOVE section.


Ahh... doing CTRL-X and then CTRL-V works. That gets rid of everything and just pastes what is selected to write. Thanks for the pointer.

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Where do we have to do ctrl-X and ctrl V?

To remove APE tags,
set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg all off for all non-APE-tags.
For APE set to on: read and delete
Save the settings.
Select all the files that should be treated in the files list.
Select "Cut tags" from the context menu of the files list.
Reset the options for all tags except APE to read, write, delete, set APE to delete only.


I see APEV2 is gone and only id3v2 is there,... but in the files where APEV2 is deleted all tags are gone too. Artist is blank,... No cover, ...Lyrics are gone,...

Is there an option to convert APEV2 to ID3V2 tag?

Read APE tags
Do not write them
Set ID3 to write.
Load the files,
Select the files
Press Ctrl-S to save tags.
This should save the read APE contents to ID3 tags.
Untick "Read APE" to check and press Ctrl-T to re-read the tags.


Before removing the APE(v2) out of the Mp3 songs we have to put all information into ID3. We have to do some extra steps!

First do this
we have to configure MP3TAG in the options section.
Read APE(v2) tags and uncheck the possibility to write
Set only the possibility to write ID3. (uncheck APE and APEv2 in write)
Load the MP3 files and Select all the MP3 files
Press Ctrl-S to save tags into the files.
Now all files contains ID3 information. (And APE information)

Now the final steps to remove APE(v2)tags.
go back into options
Uncheck in Mpeg ID3 tag options in Write and delete!!
Only check APE-tags in Read and DELETE and uncheck APE in write!!
Uncheck all other ID3 tag options. !!!!!!!! ( NOT one ID3 option should be marked in the DELETE section!)
Save the settings.

Now Select all the files that should be treated .
Select "Cut tags" from the context menu of the files list.
Now Save all files.

You have to reset your settings to the original values again (without marking APE(V2) anywhere)

Good luck!