Remove entry from recently used

Hi - is there a way to remove an entry from the recently used lists within mp3tag, such as the one that appears when you type something into e.g. the field: box in the "replace" action?

It's because I accidentally saved a tag of TITl# when I meant to type TITLE


Just select the entry and press [Shift+Del].

Doesn't wok.

I can delete them all and when I start the program again they're back. What configuration file are they stored in? I want to Nuke that entire file.

And please add a MUCH more elegant way to get rid of them - I recommend a list box for each conversion option with a "nuke all" button as well as the ability ctrl-shift miscellaneous entries in the list and then mass delete them.

  1. select the action you want to delete
  2. press Shift + Del
    [repeat this steps for every action you want to delete]
  3. select any other suitable action and click OK; because when you click Cancel, the deletion gets also canceled.

This is garbage. I will NOT do that for several dozen entries. A more elegant method must be developed and implemented.

I eagerly await an intelligent solution.

"Roj", the Open Poster "moley6knipe" asked for the way of handling to delete "an entry from the recently used lists within mp3tag, such as the one that appears when you type something into e.g. the field: box in the "replace" action.
This can be done by using keyboard shortcut [Shift]+[Del].
This information is retrievable from the manual.
You see that there is a proper solution regarding the initial question.

One step further.
To delete all history entries from an item list at once, the process is simply the same.
Hold the [Shift] key and press the keys [Del] and [CursorDown] alternately until the whole list is empty.
For better overview what item to delete you can expand the item list by [Alt]+[CursorDown]. Collapse the itemlist by [Alt]+[CursorUp].

There is an always surprising and disturbing caveat in M3tag's item list management:
the current dialog cannot be closed when the item list is empty.

If you escape the dialog at this state, then your changes from before will not be stored permanently.
So you have to put in some dummy entry and try to leave the dialog by pressing [OK] button.

In case of the action "Replace" dialog, you can put in the field name DUMMY and put a dot character into the input fields "Original" and "Replace by" and then press [OK]. Then the changes from before will be stored permanently.

Sure, now there is a new entry in the list, you do not want ever.
You can repeat this process until you get gray hair.
Yes, rather bad design.

My recommendation: Swallow this toad and focus on the good side of Mp3tag.
I've been waiting since a few years. I am sure, time will come for the badly needed change regarding a proper useful item list management.


You can delete all items at once.
From the little button with the triangle choose Remove from history and hold down SHIFT while clicking on it. It removes all entries.

Sorry, I disagree, within the action "Replace" dialog there is no such button.


It's for the format string history which "Replace" does not have.
It's not for the tag field list, I didn't think Roj wanted to remove all entries from there.

Update: See Mp3tag 2.47b for improved handling.