Remove Function (Send to Trash?)

I've been trying to use the Remove function and noticed it does not send the tracks to the trash.

I thought this is the way it was supposed to work or am I mistaken?

See the keyboard shortcuts:

You are probably looking for
⌥⌫ Delete

I tried the remove function from the file menu because the delete hotkey wasn't working. I'll try it again.

I've checked and and it's working fine here. Also, in macOS, you can access alternate menu items with the Option ⌥ key, so File → Remove should change to File → Delete once you press ⌥.

Let me check that, because I didn't press option when the file menu is open.

Remove just removes the tracks from the list but not send them to the trash.

When I try the hotkey on my Mac it beeps, so it may be assigned to something else in the os.

Yes, this is how it's supposed to be working.

Just to be sure: do you have at least one file selected? If yes, check if you've created any custom keyboard shortcut for Mp3tag that might interfere.

I will check this out tonight because I will be processing a ton of new tracks.