Remove leading number from title

Thank you so much. One last request: Many of the titles have a track number first, and a space, taking up the first 3 characters of the title. How do I delete just the first 3 characters of a title? Is there a "wild card" replacement for the action command to do this?

Use can use the Action(Quick) function of Guess Values, with the source as the Title, and the pattern as %dummy% %title%.

This function is sensitive to every character though. So test it on a single file and be prepared to restore from backup if it doesn’t achieve what you desire.

I tried your recommendation and it didn't work. However, I may have done it the wrong way. Can you possibly provide more of a step-by-step?

It would be better if you could provide a real example of a file you want to adjust, and exactly which tag you want to edit (or is it the filename you are trying to change?). Select one such file and open the Extended Tags panel using Alt+T and paste a screenshot of that here.

What value did you start with, what results did you get with the action, and what were you trying to actually see?

Here is the Title of the track: "01 Do It Again".

There are multiple Titles that start with the track number and I would like to remove the Track number.

In the ideal situation, I would also like to move the track number to the Track field, but I am learning this step-by-step.

Thanks in advance!

It appears that there are possibly two spaces in your current title, between the track number and name.

Use the Guess Values action.
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %track% %title%

Note I have used two spaces between these fields, this matches what I see in your example. If other tracks only have one space, or any other character, you have to include these in your guessing pattern. This will keep both values but split them to their correct tag locations.

That worked brilliantly!! Thanks.

Now for the next part: I have pasted an image with a track from Steely Dan that we just edited and one that from Leonard Cohen.

For the Steely Dan: I would like to remove the Filename numbers. It appears as a Track number twice, but different formats. I could not sort that one out.

For Leonard Cohen: I need to change the track number to one without the period and then move it to Track number. I did the following:
Source Format: %_Filename%
Guessing pattern: %track% %title%
It moved the Track, but left it in the Filename field. Should it have removed it from Filename?

Also, what does the function "Guess" actually mean?


To import data from the filename use Convert>Filename-Tag - that function also has a preview.
For the Cohen track try:
%track%. %artist% - %title%
and for the Steely Dan on:
%track%. %title%

and if you want to leave out everything following the dot, then in either case:
%track%. %dummy%

To create new filenames from the tag data, there is Convert>Tag-Filename.

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