Remove numbers from file and title names

I have numbers in the file name and title that I want to batch remove:
File name: 04 My Song.mp3
Title name: 04 My Song

Any help for a newbie would be appreciated

Do you already have the the tracknumber in your tagfield TRACK?
If not so you could not only delete this information which is in your tagfield TITLE and in the filename:

Take the converter Filename->Title:
Format string: %track% %title%

If you already have this information in the tagfield TRACK use tthe format string:
%dummy% %title%

After that rebuild the filename with the converter Tag->Filename:
Format string: %title%

Thanks for the info.
Before I start, I do have duplicates, e.g.
22 My song.mp3
33 My song.mp3

If the numbers are removed, what happen to the dupliacte.
I want to keep both records

Why are you worried about the filename? That is really just for the OS to clearly identify that file uniquely by the folder/filename structure.

The Title can be duplicated with less concern, as long as you also have the corresponding Artist/AlbumArtist/Album/Disc/Track tags filled in. With these fields you can literally reconstruct just about any file naming structure you want.

Most players only revert to using file names if the other tags are empty.

AFAIK the OS does not allow dulicate filenames. So you will get an error message.
(Which you could try easily with 2 test files)

Not worried about the file name.
I can work with just removing the numbers from the titles.

(maybe even add the numbers removed to the end of the title, e.g.
from: 22 title name
to: Title name - 22

How to do it ?)

I would not recommend this. If these numbers are - as I suspected - the track numbers, they should be in the track field and not in the title. You would have achieved that if you used the Filename->Tag converter, as I explained.

However, if you really want to, you can now use the Tag->Tag converter to add the TRACK field to the end of the title:
Field: TITLE
Format string: %title% - %track%

OK here is a sample from media monkey screen shot:

I wonder why a screenshot from MP3tag would not have served a better purpose for a problem in MP3tag ...

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title%
Target string: %dummy%. %title%

I am not able to change the title without the number preceding it.
Is it possible for me to get a screen shot as i am a newbie
I want to change the title e.g.
from 22 My Song
to My Song

Your screenshot (from media monkey) shows as title:
45. In my city
For that string in TITLE


use as
Target string: %dummy% %title%

If that still does not work, please supply a screenshot of the data in TITLE
and of the action that you used.

Thanks for your suggestion but i was asking for a screen shot of mp3tag since i do not know how to use it.

I tried what i think with the title but it don't seems to work maybe because i do not know how to use it.

If you need the basic information, then please check out the documentation:

and perhaps you start with

Also, I would like to draw your attention to

as you say

but a description for all of us in the distance who have not looked over your shoulder to see what it was that you did, would be helpful.

I was able to find something very simple and meet my requirements - find and replace in any field.
e.g find 10. in Title and replace it with blank thus removing 10.
No codes - simple use the drop down menu
Its "Tigo Tago"

Thanks to all who lend a support to me.

You do not sound happy.
If you found

then the same menu would feature the action "Guess value" as suggested her:

That kind of action would save you the trouble of a separate run for each different number and also free the data of a superfluous leading space character, provided you have not added one after the dot of the 10.
Believe me: this forum is helpful but the help can only be as good as the input.

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