Remove parenthesis from filenames

Ok, I have another one. Here I am about to remove the preceding Parentheses from 2400 files. How would you do this with mp3tag. Of course mp3tag is essential, as it is a tagging program which Bulk rename is not. Don't you see that this is fundamentally intertwined with my original question here? You are prompting me to get off the thread. But this is the thread.
So if there is a way to do this better with mp3tag, how would you do it? It is not the same at all is it. Removing a parenthesi. I would have to probably ..
( ???
I don't even know how I would change the file names, as there is not a little list of string veriables inside the drop down context in the filename->filename. It is not something I would choose to do in mp3tag. However, it is impossible to do it in bulk either, when the different names are as widely varied as seen in post #5 here above.

What does the source filename look like?
What should the resulting filename look like?

(in the screenshot which is overlayed by a not very meaningful message box I can see 2 files at the top with apparently a number enclosed in brackets - but the new filename also seems to be missing the "1" of "(14)" and "(15)" so that it becomes "4)" and "5)" - is this what it should become?

Sorry to have deleted that (screenshot from first post in this topic which was branched off against my will from another topic) but it was a bad example. My theory, after going back and checking on the files that you mentioned (which were a 1 not a t) is that I had to deselect those files seen before continuing and did, as when I checked them the numbers were actually correct in the track # fields, however it is also possible that I had already given them track numbers before making the change in BRU. It was a bad example to choose. Basically the only question (which is purely hypothetical in this case as the post has been removed from its original thread where it could actually have some relevance) is how to remove the first n characters from a filename with the filename->filename action. It is not easy for me to understand this because the context dropdown doesn't have any options in it. So when I go in the dialog for filename->filename, I have to imagine what to do there. It was hard enough to figure out when there were options in the dropdown (filename->tag contexts have this such as %title% and %track%).
Most of the work is done anyways. And I would not think this topic even needs to be here. The only reason to look at these shots was as part of a thread that is not here. You had asked to see filenames to see what I was trying to do, and I had already specified a short list of particular problems we find at the start of filenames. This topic doesn't have much to do with that at all.

It is rather often the case not to

But to define a pattern that includes that what you want to treat in a special way.
And as you seem to not have grasped all the functions in MP3tag it would be much easier for the other users to actually see the real thing as there are so many ways to skin a cat.
Sometimes it may be right to use a converter, sometimes an action is better, sometimes a filter should be applied first.
But as you hardly ever answer concrete questions sometimes not at all and sometimes in very vague way, it is hard to suggest something close to a solution.
Right now I have learned that removing parenthesis is not the topic although you announced it and I also learnt that the examples are bad examples.
Looks to me like we are back to square one.

In this thread and the other one, the questions to be answered stay valid:

Well unfortunately, I have already nearly finished 99% of the file tagging, and renaming back in April. So now in order to practice the more difficult filename->filename functions, and since there is no easy way to get this regular expressions such as literals, separate from the numbers without practicing this with a large set of messy filenames, I would need a large group like the one I did before to work it out. Maybe next time. Yes, that's it, perhaps next time I download a giant blob of tracks from a blog.

I really just came here to ask that other question about Windows directory properties customization as music directory, and whether there could be a different tag type saved by default if the computer were to have a registry change, which is likely but not certain where as it is difficult to locate that particular registry entry.

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