"Remove tag" as an Action

I just tested it with some Mp3 files containing ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags and it does appear to remove the entire tag when all fields are removed. Maybe there's some particular reason that Mp3tag doesn't remove the entire Flac tag and then pretends it's not there. Perhaps to avoid removing the 'vendor string' information, but that's just a guess.

BTW, the proper way to do this is to use the keyword 'NONE'.

Action type: Remove fields except
Fields to leave: NONE

No, that will leave the tag-field NONE, like the other proposal, which will leave the tag-Field DUMMY, in case such tag-fields had been created in the file.

I like this method ...
Action type: Remove fields except
Fields to leave: ;

This will remove all tag-fields, even when there is a tag-field with the name ";".


I assume, though it's not written this way, that pone meant %dummy% (not "dummy" by itself), as it's treated the same way %dummy% is used in naming schemes. That is, it's treated as a non-entity, a "variable" to be ignored.

While setting up the action "Remove fields except" and filling the edit line "Fields to leave" be aware of:
Writing tag-field placeholders or values like %ARTIST% is bad syntax for this action.
Writing tag-field names like ARTIST is correct syntax for this action.


Well, guys, i don't know what is the matter, but for me it works, when file contains ID3V2 only. When it contains both ID3V2 and ID3V1 MP3TAG removes ID3V2, ID3V1 and... get a ID3V1 Track and Tile tags filled with Track 1, 1 Track 2, 2 etc :frowning:

Check the Mpeg options for ID3V2 Write/Read/Remove and ID3V1 Write/Read/Remove too.


Does anyone know how to exclude this action type (Remove all fields except...) from removing album art / covers from files?

I've tried using _COVERS and %_COVERS% to no avail.

I want to try and keep album art already embedded in my files before stripping unwanted tag fields out.


Use the name COVER or the name PICTURE.

And read above post #19 what I have said about using tag-field names in this action.


The field name you're looking for is PICTURE.

Thank you Detlev and JJ.


Getting back to the original query in this post, would it be possible for you to add an action which removes tag types as specified in the Options>Tags>Mpeg>Remove check boxes?

i.e. Same as Ctrl+R that can be used as part of an action group.

'Remove fields except' action-type only works by itself, but when any other action-type which handles tag-fields (adding/formatting new data) follows, the complete removal/erasure of the included ID3-tag won't happen, as merely all tags/field-contents are deleted in such case.

Would still be useful to have an 'erase' action-type that works regardless of subsequent actions. (Maybe additionally an action-type that allows one to create a specific new (blank) ID3v1/ID3v2 tag-container.)

There are no "empty" tag fields.
Either a tag field is filled with data or it is not there.
If you remove all tag fields, you de facto remove the whole tag.
Any subsequent action to modify a tag field leads to a new tag being added to the file.
Quite honestly, I do not see the problem here.

Probably the same issue as in my other thread.
When the full erase/removal of every tag-data is skipped, the previous/original tag-size remains, including its layout/padding, and won't be reset or recreated the same way as with using Ctrl+R.

Action examples:


Action (mta) example #1:


Action (mta) example #2:


I've re-read the entiire thread and I'm still not sure how I can remove all ID3v1 and APE tags but leave ID3v2 tags with an action. Could somebody please clarify this? (Like pressing the red cross toolbar button with the relevant options ticked in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg>Remove)

Yes, this is exactly how it works: you have to set beforehand which tags you want to keep, delete or create. The removal of tags does not behave any different from the creation of tags where you also have to set which ones you want.
If you want to have tools that remove e.g. APE tags all in all, try "mp3val"
(see here: How to check files for errors?)

But this does NOT do what the red cross button does! It leaves, for example, ARTIST (if specified as the exception) in both ID3v1 AND ID3v2.

I am not quite sure if there is a basic misunderstanding.
The original suggestion was to use the action "Remove tag fields except" and leave as the only tag field the pseudo field %dummy%.
This removes effectively all tag fields as set in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
I just tested it with settings to read write and delete V1 tags but leave all other tag versions as they are (so their options were unticked).
A check in the extended tags dialogue shows: there are V1 and V2.3 tags in the file.
I executed an action of the mentioned type and configuration.
The tag panel goes blank for this file - and indication that the V1 tag has been removed.
A check in the extended tags dialogue shows: no V1 tag, just a V2.3 tag but that is not being displayed as I did not set that in the options.
Resetting the options so that V2.3 tags are the preferred tag version again and Ctrl-T to re-read the tags shows the data as stored in the V2.3 fields.
That looks like intended for me.

I'm not understanding how can this be used as an "action"?

Rather than go through all that I just press the red cross!

I wanted to include this as part of a sequence of actions in a group.