Removed or updated Album Covers are still displayed in VLC and Windows

I have tried removing album covers individually and by selecting more than one file. Even though mp3tag (v3.04a) reports that the album cover has been removed and displays no cover, I find that VLC media player (64 bit, v3.0.11) still finds and will display "deleted" album covers.

I also sometimes want to change album covers but, mp3tag will not change my mp3 file to the new album cover. In this case, even if I try removing the old cover first, the new one is not displayed.

see here:

as long as MP3tag shows the cover that you embedded but other programs don't I do not see an MP3tag bug.

I have already cleared my %appdata%\roaming\vlc\art cache but, the problem persists.

Please read my bug report again. . . Carefully, this time. You will see that you've gotten it exactly backwards. Mp3tag does NOT show the deleted cover art however, other programs (like vlc) DO. Even if I disconnect from the internet, the (same) cover art displays.

Then let me rephrase it
as long as MP3tag shows the cover the way that you treated it in MP3tag (add it, edit it, remove it) but other programs do not show the expected result, then I would look at the other programs and their features.
Also, it could be worthwhile to check the files for integrity with one or more of the linked tools:

You can also send me one of the files via private message or email, if you think the file has cover art and Mp3tag did not remove it.

Make sure you save the files after you remove the artwork, use Ctrl-S or the save icon right after you remove the covers. Otherwise mp3tag assumes you don't want to confirm.

Thanks for the example file. I've analyzed it thoroughly (also by looking with a hex editor) and did not find any cover in the file.

I'd really like to find the root cause of the orphaned covers still being displayed on your system. In your email, you've mentioned that Windows was displaying one of the removed covers. Are you using any third-party apps that install shell extensions for metadata display in Windows Explorer? One of those could be dBpoweramp, another AudioShell.

The covers displayed in Windows are sometimes also taken from hidden files in the file’s directory named Folder.jpg, AlbumArt.jpg, AlbumArtSmall.jpg, or even Thumbs.db. Removing those might help.

One question regarding VLC, because you've mentioned VLC in your initial post: did deleting the cache also remove the cover from being displayed inside VLC or is it still being displayed inside the app?