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Hi all,

Is there a way to remove the text along with the - that comes with it, in a query I was given information on how to copy all the text to the correct field and have managed to work out how to remove just the text without the numbers too.



Please show us an example for your filename
01 Bodybangers - Famous Mondo Remix.mp3

Do you want to get
Bodybangers (Famous Mondo Remix)

Or do you want

In a first step one solution would be to fill the tags with Convert Filename -> Tag:
with the Format String:
%track% %artist% - %title%

Then you need to tell us, what exactly do want to see in which tag as final result.

Sorry ignore the body bangers, that seems to be missing the track name, this is how I would like it to eventually look.


We still don't see what tag name you want to fill.

Please show us the column headers or name it as FILENAME, TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST or whatever the column content should be.

Sorry this must be like me trying to teach my nan something on a computer.
What I'm trying to acheive is turning this

to this

Your code above moves the artist name to the correct box and someone else showed me a way of duplicating the artist to the album artist, just not how to remove the artist from the filename.

In a nutshell I'm trying to create the same type of format that we used to get when ripping cds.

Thanks again for your help

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This example is much better, thank you.

Step #1
To get from
01 Bossman - Bongo Eyes 2.mp3
TITLE: Bongo Eyes 2
ARTIST: Bossman

you can use the same Convert Filename -> Tag (ALT+2) as I wrote above
with the Format String:
%track% %artist% - %title%

Step #2
To copy the content from ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST you can use
Convert Tag -> Tag (ALT+5) and
Format string: %ARTIST%

Step #3
To get the new filename with the parts TRACK and TITLE
you can use the Convert Tag -> Filename (ALT+1) with the
Format string: %TRACK% %TITLE%


There are at least two ways to accomplish this:
a) You can use the Convert menu in the GUI. The advantage is the immediately view of the preview result before you apply it to the selected songs
b) You can use an Action as ohrenkino showed you in his answer

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Thank you all for your help, I guess if you if you really put some time into this software you can do anything.

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