Removing text in brackets from Song Title

Hi Friends

Does anyone know how to remove text in brackets from a song title.

I have a few tracks that are labelled something like this

Beat Dis (12" Extended)

I want to remove all text inside the brackets as well as the brackets themselves so I am left with just

Beat Dis

I would appreciate any assitance

Peace to you all


Hope the attachment helps ^_^

remove_title_brackets.mta (46 Bytes)

Hey Thursday

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and creating the MTA file for me

It works like a dream

Very much appreciated indeed.



the MTA looks very useful, but dont have a clue how to include this in mp3tag.
Is it as 'replace' or 'replace with regular exprewssion' or someother action.

Look forward to your reply.

Thasnks and Regards

CLose mp3tag
download the file above
move it to
(copy this to the clipboard and paste it to the explorer's address toolbar, press enter)

Pure Magic!

It's Working great.

many thanks!


Hey Fanzant1

just copy the *.MTA file into the actions directory, my path is as follows

C:\Users<b>your profile name\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\actions

I am using Windows 7 if your using Windows XP change the C:\Users to c:\documents and settings

Once you have copied over the *.mta file you will see it appear in the MP3Tag Actions options.

Hope this helps

You can with a little adjustment clone the existing action, and edit it slightly so that it removes the bracketts in the artists column, so then you have both options covered.

Actiontype: Replace with regular expression
Field______________: TITLE
Regular expression__: (.+)
Replace matches with:

[_] Case sensitive comparison