Rename album artist

Album artist rename facility seems to have disappeared from within the tag panel in Version 2.90, instead only the individual track artist field works. This means that for compilation albums, it is no longer possible to enter (say) "Various" under "Album Artist" as a batch entry when selecting all tracks, the only way to so is to undertake this singly, scroll down to the next line & repeat this process for every track. Otherwise, I have found the previous versions of this program to be quite simply the best freeware available & am sure that 2.90 will be equally as good, once any current bugs are fixed - thank you for taking the time to develop the software in the first place!

Do you mean that you're entering, e.g., "Various" into the Album Artist field on the Tag Panel, save the change but the changes are not saved to the file?

Yes, that is correct. In fact, there no longer appears to be an album artist field/facility on the tag panel, instead the track artist near the top doesn't save the entered information to the file, whilst that just over halfway down (which I believe was originally the Album Artist field, but can not confirm this, as I lost Version 2.89 as a result of the upgrade) only populates the track artist data. I hope that this helps explain the problem & many thanks for your prompt reply - superb service!

Could it be that this has hit again?

Quite possibly, it may be something along these lines, however, some of the information is saved, so I guess it is less of an issue than that which was listed in ohrenkino's message. I am also using Windows 10 64 bit, but had no problems running previous versions up to & including 2.89.

Further to our correspondence, I have since tried out some of the steps in the 'options' panel as per your reply to ohrenkino, I have deleted what appears to be the duplicate (& non-working) fields & added 'Album Artist', etc. I think this may have cured the problem, so it looks like the new download changed my previous settings from those in 2.89 (which I'd not customised, however). So, it's vaguely possible that the new version may need tweaking to stop this happening, I will try out my revised settings & let you know whether everything is now OK or if I need to seek further advice from you accordingly. Once again, my grateful thanks for all your assistance so far.