Renaming files and Errors Pop-up and limit filename length

Sorry for the not so good topic title but let me explain

I am doing Tag - Filename with the simple mask %artist% - %title%.

Sometimes this fails (understandably) because of filenames already exist.

In the end (if there are rename errors) a Popup will show with the Errors.

My remark is about this Pop-Up. Is there an easy way to save this, so I can deal with the errors manually or maybe it's saved automatically?


Edit: And 1 other question (sorry). Is it possible to limit the output of Tag - Filename (excluding the extension) to a max of 63 chars?


with $left(%artist% - %title%,63)

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Currently, it can't.
But what about a different naming scheme?
First you rename the files with e.g.
%artist% - %title__
(the double underscore at the end)
and then, straight away you rename the files again with ordinary
%artist% - %title%
All the files that could not be renamed keep the double underscore and you can filter for them with
%_filename% HAS __

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Shame that it's not possible, but thx for the workaround absolutely brilliant idea

IMHO it is an even better solution as otherwise, with the saved list of files, you would have to load each of these files individually or filter for them one after the other.
The underscore is something where MP3tag takes over the search - probably much faster than an human can do - and you have the list right there.

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