Why I am not seeing my topic I posted today in Support

I posted a topic today but when I go to support, I don't see my topic.

What am I doing wrong??

I see this when going to Support (Support - Mp3tag Community)


I goto my user control panel / activity and there it is, but I do not see it in support.


I can see it:

Maybe a temporary glitch?

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The plot thickens.

When I click "Top" and then select Today I see it.
But when I click "Top" and then select Week I don't see it, the last post is from 3days ago when I do that.

I can only guess:
Maybe some kind of (re-)indexing is currently running?

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@LyricsLover :+1:

This is what I see when selecting Week


And this for Today


It could be that the weekly/monthly overview will be generated only once a day?
Since your post was created today, we will see it in the weekly (and other) views tomorrow or later?

BTW: You don't have to upload your screenshots to an external picture hoster. You can paste them directly here in your answer.

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You've probably muted your own topic.

See https://community.mp3tag.de/latest?state=muted for your list of muted topics and ? for a list of keyboard shortcuts (m,m is for muting a topic).


ahaha, I was using the Hyperlink function, I thought the upload function was to upload to this Server (I wanted to save @Florian some diskspace :rofl:

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Yes I did, I just don't like notifications!! So muted also hides it from view good to know


You can use Preferences β†’ Notifications to disable notifications. Muting is for cases, where you don't want to see a topic, category, or PMs/notifications from a specific user.

For further reading, here is a link to the Discourse New User Guide on Notifications.

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Thx! Changed!!

"Error typing the above" Post must be at least 20 chars :rofl: