Renaming files with track and disk info

Hello, I'm renaming files using track and disc information, but the app insists on including the total disc number and total track number in the file name.

A string of track number + track title ought to render as:

1 Like a Rolling Stone

but the app renders it as:

1_9 Like a Rolling Stone

This is because it is track 1 of 9. I don't want this "of" information in my filenames. It does the same thing for discs.

I could remove all of this "of" information from my files, and then the app would rename them properly. But I want the information in the files, just not in the files names.

Question: is it possible to rename a file using just the track number and disc number without all of this extra information? Thanks.

The filename format depends on the format string you're using for renaming the files. See First Steps → Renaming Files based on Tags for the example you've given.

There is nothing at that link that tells me how to rename a file without the "of" information. Why did you even post it?

Answer this question: Is it even possible to rename a file without the "of" information?

I don't like the tone of this.
Before you post a question in the support section you are asked to use the search function as a lot of problems have been dealt with before which is also the case for your question, see e.g. here:

If your actual track fields contains the track and track total (like 1/9) then using the format of %track% %title% will give you exactly that.

To strip off the slash and following disc totals, use the $num function as part of your string.
$num(%track%,2) %title%

This could have been found in the search in a previous thread here.

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