Replace a \\ delimiter with a semi-colon

I recently started using Jellyfin, and it does not recognize multiple artists if the delimiter in the tag is "\". I am trying to replace all double backslashes in the artists tag with semi-colons, which Jellyfin does recognize.

I found this helpful convert tag-tag code in the forums that replaces a semicolon with backlashes.

$replace(%ARTIST%,'; ','\\')

So I changed it to:

$replace(%ARTIST%,'\\','; ')

But this does not replace the delimiter, and instead just erases all artists after the first one.

I have also tried the replace function with similar results. It doesn't seem like MP3tag, at least how I'm using it, is willing to replace the backslash delimiter with anything else.

See e.g. here:

Replace didn't work, but the action merge duplicate fields did. My music players properly recognize it, too. Thanks for pointing that post out!

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