I want to create an action to

  • Check if ARTIST and ARTISTSORT are the same
  • If they are the same, do nothing
  • If they are not the same, replace ARTISTSORT with ARTIST

(I know how to do a simple bulk replace, but I don't want to touch files unecessarily)

Any help with the scripting is appreciated,

During the execution of actions every file is touched - so you would only reach your goal if you filter first for the files that you really want to treat.
"$if($eql(%artist%,%artistsort%),1,0)" IS 0

Then execute the replacement as you

(on another note: would you notice the difference afterwards? I mean: prior to the treatment, some pairs are the same, some are not and afterwards, all pairs are the same. And if you copy ARTIST to ARTISTSORT, then I would assume that it really does not matter whether you have filled ARTISTSORT at all as the player would take the ARTIST field anyway if there is no data in ARTISTSORT.)

Thanks for the suggestion

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