Replace treats %Artist% as a literal

mp3tag-replace-error-21-06-2023 20-22-32

can you spot any error? i cant.

it obvious finds the TBA string becuase that is what it replaced

immediately after, it did another odd thing. when i chan

ged back and tried again, it just ignored it.

see 3rd screenshor.

Please show us the exact data in the field TITLE in both cases.
The second screenshot does not show the same section of the dialogue (missing preview) as the third.

i have discovered a NEW problem that might be causing this fault as a consequence.
i discovered that now i cannot edit the Title fleld, ONLY the Title field: you can type in the field, but it does not save.

but conversely (perversely?), i just ran a CutLeft Action to tructate te first two char of Title and that worked fine.

but it seems to me that this problem here, where it simply will not replace a text string in the Title, is related

can't send any screenshots because there is nothing to see; but something seems to have locked the field from manual editing.

yet i think i was editing this field just a day or so ago, along with Filename and Artist: i don't think that Artist coudl be the only field i edited

i will try to replicate
(w/o stuffing my data - i have since done all those chnages manually, given there were only about 20 or so and i have actually FINISHED all the global fixes to all the data, incl dedups,normalization, although i am a bit worried because my total track count in down quite a bit, but that might just be all the dups i removed.).

pls see attached

this is what happened (or didn't)

the action replaced the text string (248) with the Artist field as a literal - which i am not surprised as i showed in previous screen shot that MP3Tag was putting quotes around the field name - and i have checked a dozen times, and i cannot see any error with the field name

then the other problem occurred - it would not let me edit the field, ie it would not save my edit, to change back to t
mp3tag-replace-text in string-error-22-06-2023 11-53-17

he original value (but Undo eventually did go back to the original)
replace- fields treated as literals-21-06-2023 21-41-04

You cannot use a placeholder (in your case %artist%) in an action of the type "Replace".

yes. it certainly seems so. :slight_smile:
why is that?
so that rtaises the question you don't answer: so what do you use instead???

and while you are at it, just what is the functional difference between Copnvert and actions?

and btw, i had a go at 'Guess Valuews' but i can't make sense of it

so finally, on that point, and what has frustrarated me before - where are EXAMPLES of all these? the Manual very briefly desciobes function eg Cutleft, Len, etc, but has almost no examples of any. Examples would make all the difference in understanding and usage WITHOUT many mistakes and lost time & effort and having to ask lots of Support questions

Thank you

Here is a thread that deals with the converters and their equivalent in actions - if there is one:

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The examples can be found in the HowTos

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so that rtises the question you don't answer: so what do you use instead???