Replacing w/ Regular Expressions Problem

How's it going everyone.

Having a bit of trouble replacing certain phrases in filenames.

Basically I want to remove the following text (Prod. By XXXX) with XXXX being characters / name of the person who produced the file. For this example I want to remove (Prod. By Lil Jon)

Here is what I have done so far ;

Created a new action, replace w/ regular expression

Field: _ALL
Regular expression: (Prod. By [a-z])
Replace matches with: - I have left this blank as I want it replaced w/ nothing

Now if I run that all it removes is "Prod. By L" and I'm left with (il Jon) and I've tried adding the this expression (Prod. By [a-z]+\s+\u+\l+.) and I'm left w/ (

But if i try on another file it wont remove anything ?

Any ideas ?


Thank alot!

There are some links about using of regular expressions in general:
Artist sortieren mit "The"

To avoid unwanted side effects I would not use the special Mp3tag system field _ALL, but the one and only tag field resp. Mp3tag system field which can carry the string in question, in your case it seems to be the _FILENAME system field (or the TITLE tag field?).

So your "replace using regular expression" action could be ...
Regular expression: (Prod. By .+)
Replace matches with:

Good luck!


DetlevD got it. The last part means "anything up to and including ')' "

Your biggest problem was that . ( and ) all have special meanings in RegEx and you need to escape them. Please follow-up letting us know if it worked or not.

Cheers tried that and it all worked! Thanks alot, much appreciated. :laughing: