Request: Export action to responds to filename change

Currently if I change the $filename value in a Export config used by an Action, the change fails to take effect on Action "Export file name" until I e.g. enter the Action definition and change the config selection to another, and then back.


It would be nice if this was remedied.

EDIT: The same problem occurs on the Export config from the File, Export command e.g.

1 Create an Export config having $filename specify a filename e.g.
2 Close the Export dialog
3 Edit the filename in the config file e.g.
4 Do File, Export and inspect "Export file name:"

Expected: filename changed
Observed: filename unchanged e.g.

Workaround: select a different config then reselct the first e.g.

Yes, once the report filename has been hardcoded by $filename() in the export script and the script has been saved, then the preset filename in the file selection dialog should be automatically updated to the hardcoded filename ... or ... the file selection dialog should be disabled (greyed out) for such an export script.


To which dialog do you refer? The one on the "Select export file" button ?

The [...] button and the edit field.



I now see the same problem affects the Export dialog from the File, Export command (see edit to root post). There, fixing by disabling would be inappropriate. Also, disabling would obstruct the user making a deliberate manual override. So I prefer your first fix suggestion - automatic update.

I now think this is a bug, so have reported it in Bugs, here /t/16111/1 .