Request: Export Tags to Text Window

Export Tags to Text Files

Exporting tags to text files can be done by using Convert → Tag - Text File.

But we need the tags in a text window, right inside mp3tag. Similar to Convert → Text File - Tag Text Window option.

It should have first setup to select fields and format that. Next button must produce the text on the screen.

This will help copy the tags easily from songs to another application.

Exporting tags to csv and opening in a text editor can be cumbersome for small number of songs.

Are you sure? I see no such possibility:

Do you mean the Export-Action?

Or do you suggest to introduce a NEW Convert function?

I found a some threads that copy tags to clipboard:

This might be something similar - you only have to have a text (editor) window open and paste the data.

My guess is that it's for #mac based on the OPs past activity.

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@Florian You stole my words.

Yes, This is for mac.

Tags - Textfile (window) is a beautiful feature in mp3tag. We need the same feature in reverse direction.

Fewer number of songs (say 10-20):
We can load songs in mp3tag. Copy tags and make conversion (language), spelling correction, etc in an external application and paste the tags back to songs in the same session.

Larger collection (100s-1000s):
We could export "tags - textfile (csv)" with "_path" and make changes and import back to mp3tag (in windows).

But unfortunately, it is not an option in mac. It is another request. I am not cross-referencing that thread here.

Right now, that way we export and import tags in/out of mp3tag has limitation.

Clipboard: is fast and efficient for fewer items.

  • Windows/mac: limited to one way, import only

CSV: is robust and powerful for larger items.

  • Windows: supports bi-directional
  • mac: only one-way, export is clear and import is dangerous

Please help build the bridge.

@Florian Please review, this would be easy to implement and makes the import and export of tag open thru clipboard.
Currently, we can open import tags from textfile (clipboard). We need same for export as well.

It's not really documented, but when you select files in the File List and use ⌘C, it also copies a textual representation of the files to your clipboard which can be used in other applications.

Does the export format change in your case or are you usually using one fixed format?

I am not sure, if it changes or fixed.
When I copy using ⌘C, I get text in the below format

%counter% %artist% - [%album% #%track%] %title%
(space is the delimiter!)
%counter% is running number starts from 1, +1 for each song file.

I don't know where this format resides, if we can change, etc.

It would be great, transparent to all users, if we have "tag to text" similar to "tag to text" with format option with history of previous formats used.

I am using below format to export and import tags <->

but it can change based on the scenario. I might to export more fields, or use different delimiter, etc

OK, if it changes frequently I don't have a quick solution. Thanks for your feedback, I'll see how I can incorporate this.

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Is there a way for me to access format for copy command?
Until you implement “tag to text”?

You could bring that to setting or leave under “tag to text” format field and leave a note to users to use command + C to copy the tags of selected songs in this format.

It will be even quicker that way.

You can use this command via

defaults write app.mp3tag.Mp3tag CopyFormat '"%ARTIST%;%ALBUMARTIST%;%COMPOSER%;%GROUPING%;%COPYRIGHT%"'
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copy command works different when it is combined with paste.

Copy on one song file
Paste on second song file

It will copy/paste all tag fields to the second song file

Copy on one song file
Paste in external application, say BBEDIT/TextEdit, it will paste per the format in the specified in the above setting.

Is this expected behavior?

Yes, this is intended behavior.

It's copying different things on ⌘C and dependent on the context you paste: it either applies the tags (pasting inside Mp3tag), pastes the textual representation based on the CopyFormat (pasting to a text target, e.g., BBEdit), or copies the actual files (pasting in Finder).

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.7 and the format that is used when copying a textual representation via ⌘C to the clipboard can now be configured via Settings → Export → Copy Format.

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