REQUEST: place last used filtering expression always on the top of the list

As always, with time passing by my history of filtering expressions is filled with garbage I no longer need. Very often they are quite similar to each other as I often look for the same thing in various fields or change the thing that I am looking for. And very often this happens: I enter expression [not necessarily complex]- and it gets filled in at its end with some older version that I do not want

If the user used as some point >>ALBUM HAS Whatever Whenever<<, but now only wants to search for >>ALBUM HAS Whatever<<, then the user is most likely to just delete the >>Whenever<< part. And it works. But what happens when the Filter Box is cleared of expression or changed to some completely different and then the user starts to write >>ALBUM HAS W...<<? But of course it gets filled with >>ALBUM HAS Whatever Whenever<< and not with just >>ALBUM HAS Whatever<<. The user can further on revert as much as ten times from >>ALBUM HAS Whatever Whenever<< to >>ALBUM HAS Whatever<< and yet Mp3tag will not make it easier and simply assume that what should be filled in is the last used expression [and by used I mean entered and then some file selected with that expression still residing in the Filter Box]. Instead it chooses the longest one

[And yes I know there is this "Remove from history "option- but it is not quite the same what I have in mind]

The least upgrade that could be done would be a placing of the last used expression.It means it also should be the very first to be taken into account when automatically filling in the rest of already used expression on the top. In this example >>ALBUM HAS Whatever<< should be bumped to the top when it gets reused [used for selection of file] as the automatic filling in of >>ALBUM HAS Whatever Whenever<< should not be counted as usage

You can switch on and off your last filter expression if you show and hide the filter window (F3).
For other expressions I find the incremental search very convenient. I hardly ever open the dropdown list to scroll for a filter expression but type in parts of the filter.

That helps a little, thanks for suggestion

But that does not deal with the core of issue / inner-workings

And the fact that the ► drop down menu icon is far to the right while the beginning of the Filter Box is on the left [and that extreme right and extreme left if you are using an ultrawide screen] only ads to the annoyance - I either have a choice of constant [temporal] deleting of signs in Filter box or constant large moves of my hand for [permanent] clean up of the list. Either way- not comfortable

But how about such a new feature: ability to move up and down a filtering expression on the list of expressions that drops down when you click the ▼ icon? The user could simply highlight the wanted filtering expression [just like it currently works] but the instead of just clicking it with left button, click and hold it and move it up / down the list? That would be even better solution, as the user might want to bring from the garbaged bottom some still needed 2 or 3 old expressions

Did you know that pressing Shift-F4 opens the dropdown menu..?

Now I do

But that does not in anyway help when I simply try to delete / add chunks of filtering expressions, as those unwanted ones constantly get in the way, on the account of being on the top of this list

It is very hard to see whether you want help do come around a problem (here: you have to move the mouse a lot to reach a GUI element) or you want one particular and one special solution.
The general solution on wide screens could be: when you have to type in filter criteria anyway and have your fingers on the keys, to use the keyboard to operate the GUI elements.
So: there is already a solution to keep the last element on top of the list - the original idea.
Then you expanded the topic to handling of the list with mouse and keyboard in general - and even for that there is a solution already there.
So I would say: the request is already implemented.

It just that mid through I had a new idea

And I think that this would most valuable: ability to move around with easy the filtering expression on their drop down list

Because then I could just select such constantly-popping-up-but-no-longer-needed expression, grab it and quickly / carelessly move it down- as a result most likely that shorter expression would be at the top. Or I could move to that particular one that I need. The problem of garbaged list would be then solved, either way; simple and useful