Request: Retain Vertical Scroll Position After Search

Hi @Florian ! I just purchased the Mac version about a week ago and I have to say, this is amazing software. I already have tons of action groups for various tasks. I'll be using this for a very long time.

I do have one request though. It would be really useful if the vertical scroll position could be retained after doing a search. I often scroll down a list of songs and find a song with an error. I then want to do some searches to see if there are any similar errors (to fix all at once). When I'm done I cancel the search. However, I then end up back at the top of the full list. I'd like to be able to continue where I left off in the list. I hope this makes sense.

Do you think this would be possible? (It could always be an option in settings.)

Just for the sake of the search function of this forum:
There has been a similar idea for the Windows version a couple of years back: