Retry save if file is locked


I often run into the following:

  • Listen to a song (foobar2000, but anything that keeps the file locked would work)
  • Realize that the cover or some other metadata is missing and should be updated
  • Open the folder in mp3tag
  • Modify
  • Save
    -> File ...mp3 cannot be opened for writing. Do you want to continue? Yes/No
  • if I click Yes, the remaining files are updated, if I click No, the remaining files remain unchanged.
    -> No matter what I do, the file that's currently locked, is not updated
    -> When updating covers, this leads to 'Cover varies', and I cannot simply Save again

Instead, I would like to have a Retry option, so I could forward to the next file in the music player to unlock the file and simply retry the Save action.

This issues has been confirmed in v2.94.


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AFAIR there has been a discussion that it would be nice to have such a feature.

I do not see any confirmation about "issues" or "bugs".

Just to give a more complete picture, here is another thread that also deals with the pair of foobar and Mp3tag leading to blocked files.

The conclusion at the time was, that the topic is on the "radar".

i totally agree + wish for retry option

FYI, I'm moving this to #general and treat it as a feature request.

I've added the retry option with Mp3tag v3.00a.