Request: Repeat Last Action

Can you consider adding a new feature to Mp3Tag to Redo the last action. Similar to some Microsoft Office programs that you can re-apply the last edit to another selection by pressing F4. This feature could be triggered from an icon next to Undo icon in the toolbar.

A Redo feature will considerably speed up a workflow when editing mp3 tags. Instead of going through a keystroke combination to get to the desired action, a Redo feature will put he last performed action one click or single function key away

Thanks in advance for considering.


From your description, it seems that you're suggesting a replay feature that applies the last action to a different set of files.

Redo is usually referred to as "undoing the last undo" (which would be a separate thing).

Edit: I've adjusted the topic title accordingly.

I assume, his wish is something like "Repeat"?
Same article in German.

I'm guessing that Omar meant "repeat" or "reapply" instead of "redo". Florian, I would like this feature also.

Please consider a function key shortcut that would repeat the last-run quick action, action, or action group on the current selection during the current Mp3tag session. If no actions had been executed during the current Mp3tag session, pressing the shortcut key would do nothing.

I have such a shortcut in my HTML editor and it uses F6 this way. That key does not seem to be assigned within Mp3tag so presumably it could be used here. And yes, I know about Alt+6. That is not the same because it merely displays the Actions list and then requires an additional click or key press to execute. And Alt+6 doesn't work for quick actions at all.

Sometimes I create a quick action for an operation that I know will never be needed again outside of the current folder. I apply that to the selection, but later decide that more files in the current folder need the same action. As it is now, I have to recreate the quick action from scratch all over again, which is tedious. For me, a function key "repeat current action" shortcut would be a real time-saver.

As indicated by Doug, the request is for a repeat or reapply. I have a similar use case to the one provided by Doug.

Count me in; as long as it is available as icon and also under the right click menu

I think now we need this more than before:

Just imagine that you navigate through 3 or 4 sub-menus to some action that you need- and then once again to applay it to some other file that you forgot to select before than first navigation. And then again and again

It would be much easier and quicker in such situation to just click some icon located on a Toolbar or under the right click menu

Hi Florian

Is it possible to add a custom "button" feature? For instance, if one is editing an MP3 using the same Case and Replace it would be convenient to have the 2 functions as a single keystroke. As a software designer I know it is a lot of work and may not be feasible.

Jerry B

you can set in Actions>Actions which action groups should be executed when closing the actions dialogue.
So you can select the action for case conversion and replacing and with the key combination Alt-6-Enter these actions are applied.
Alternatively, you click on the actions button in the toolbar and press enter. So the function is almost there.

Thanks ohrenkino. I'll play around with that concept. I have been using MP3Tag for a few years and am learning more every day. Florian outdid himself on this application.

Jerry B