Right-Click Context Menu in Win 11

Recently upgraded to Win 11 and installed v 3.14. The behavior of mp3tag is different than what I experienced using it under Win 10. Is this by design?

The mp3tag right-click icon only appears on the left side of the Explorer window. On the right side of the Explorer window it does not appear at all whether I right-click on a folder or on an individual file.

Under Win 10, highlighting a folder on the left side or right side of the explorer window and using the context menu, Mp3tag would load the entire contents of the folder. Using the desktop shortcut loads all of the file(s) from the last time it was used. However, if using the right-side of the Explorer and right-clicking on an individual, mp3tag would open with just the file loaded into it's window.

Now, under Win11, if I want to edit the tags in an individual file, I must start mp3tag, delete the entries from the last session, and drag/drop the file I want to edit into the window.

Can the previous behavior be restored?

Screen shot of left side context menu and right side context menus included.



Normally, Windows 11 would display its new context menu and it seems that you're displaying the classic context menu instead.

I've written about a possible solution to display the entry in the classic context menu here:

I want to thank you for the prompt reply. I did search the forum for a solution before posting, but missed the post you cited in your reply.

I use the right-click context menu so often that I found the new 2-tier context menu so annoying that did restore the classic context menu. FYI, I did go back to the new Win 11 context menu where the mp3tag icon does appear on the first menu and works exactly as it did when using Win 10.

The command line solution you provided did restore the mp3tag functionality to classic context menu. Before I received your kind notification, I put an mp3tag entry in the "sendto" folder. It worked and served as an acceptable workaround.

Many thanks again for responding to my post.


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