Run MP3Gain from MP3Tag!

So - you can run MP3Gain from inside MP3Tag?

Who knew! This is amazing for me.

Is this a question or statement?
If it is a statement, then please tell us how you got to this insight.

This is a statement.

I found it here:

I'll be very surprised if you didn't already know this, @ohrenkino

This opens up A LOT more options, doesn't it?

No need to look that far - this information is also available in this forum:

Not for me...

ich spreche kein deutsch

I am sure that it is possible to interpret the code that calls mp3gain without any knowledge of German.

But not easier than the command line prompt that I posted.

In the linked case, mp3gain.exe writes the value into your tags.
Mp3tag is just calling this 3rd party tool with this options:

it seems (according a quick self test) that this tool write this 6 values into additional APEv2 tags in your files


Please read the lines in the mp3gain FAQ carefully:

MP3Gain stores "Analysis" and "Undo" information in special tags inside the mp3 file itself. These tags are in the APEv2 format. APEv2 tags are carefully designed to not interfere with other tag formats, such as the popular ID3v1 format.

Unfortunately, some mp3 players do not strictly adhere to the ID3v1 standard when reading tags. As a result, when MP3Gain writes its APEv2 tags, these mp3 players might get confused and try to read the MP3Gain tags instead of the regular ID3v1 tags such as "Artist", "Title", etc. As a result, the player will show random garbage in these fields.

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Hey - thanks for the heads-up. I really appreciate it! :+1:

I didn't entirely understand what you quoted - just that it's bad for mp3 players... :yum:

But, my music never leaves my hard drive. I just use it in DJ software. Do you think that those additional APEv2 tags would cause issues in Serato, Traktor, etc...?

I have no idea. But if you get in trouble, you know now where you can start searching :wink::innocent:

Perhaps not in those players but definitely when tagging with MP3tag and the tags are out of sync.
As MP3tag prefers APE tags over ID3 tags you see only the contents of the APE tags (if you let them be read). You might get the impression that all of your tag data is gone.

Thanks fellas.

I’ll take care not to test on my whole collection!

The optimum way would be to first use the gain function, then transfer the APE fields to the ID3 fields and then tag the ID3 fields (and delete the APE tags).

Hmmm... Not so sure I’d need to do that. I’ve used MP3Gain for many years and never changed anything it does.

But launching it from MP3Tag is a definite improvement on my current process/workflow.

Could this User Tool be combined with, or launched from/as an action (or action group)?

No. Tools cannot be launched as part of actions.

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Okay - NOW I think I understand what @LyricsLover and @ohrenkino were trying to tell me about the APE tags!

So now, if I copy them from APE to ID3, and then delete the APE tags, will the software (in my case Traktor & Serato) still read and apply the replay gain information?