Run several instances

Is there a way to run two instances of mp3tag?

I'm updating my library (most files where 128bps) and then it would be nice to have two locations open (one with the old files, and on with the new) to transfer the data/tags from the old files to the new (temporary in another location).

Know this has be asked before, but found no solution to it.
Is it possible to rename a copy of the ".exe" file (works for som other apps)
or will that cause some other troble (like mess up of data etc)?

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see here:

This thread has also suggestions how to cope with several versions of tags.

But it still doesn't make it possible to have two windows open.
I don't want to mix the old files and the new files in the same windows/list.
Huge possibility of errors.
I want one windows to look at the tags on the old files.
And one window where I can edit the tags for the new files.
Both the old files and new are in a directory structure.
So dragging and dropping would likely make a huge mess (mixing them).
Many programs can start several instances. Why is it not possible?

Currently, it is not possible to start more than one instance of MP3tag.