[S̶u̶g̶g̶e̶s̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ Canceled] Change Filename of preview.txt

Hello, I currently patch every new exe-file with a hex editor to write out preview.xtx instead of preview.txt. Then a custom defined verb calls a powershell script which displays the result in a grid view. That works, but personnaly I would really appreciate having the opportunity to change the file name as a configuration option.

How exactly do you produce this preview.txt currently?
(I don't ask for the exe-patch process. Only your process to get the *.txt file with content).

And BTW: Why do you need a preview.xtx instead of preview.txt?
Isn't it possble to let your Powershell script open/import a *.txt file?

For every convert besides auto numbering you have a [Preview] button, this writes - for the unpatched exe - a file currently in "%temp%\Mp3tag v3.19\preview.txt" and calls the standard verb for txt-files (for me an editor).

With this default behaviour I would have to assign my script to all txt-files to open the preview from Mp3tag, which makes definitely no sense for me.

Naturally I could adopt the script to watch for the path und grep the file, but than the standard verb is called also, leading to the preview in the editor and the grid view. Renaming or deleting the file in the script won't help, editor comes up either with an empty window or a warning "no file found, create?"

Here comes the extension xtx in the game: mp3tag writes the preview.xtx and calls the defined verb for xtx-files, which is my script: No editor opens, just the grid view.

Thanks for your explanation.

For this very specific and unique workflow I can't suggest any workaround.

Maybe the developer @Florian will add your suggestion to his ToDo list.

@LyricsLover thank you, nevertheless at least one user @GregTag had a similiar notion (ages ago): Preview Evolution

P.S. In the screenshot above the important column "Differs" is not shown, this tells me for which file my convert has changed something - this was the reason for the script

Don't you use the filter to narrow down the number of files to which you apply your actions/converters?
That would reduce the processing time, backup programs would know which files have really been changed, you can see at 1 glance which files would be affected by the change without the need to use an external program to scan the data.

Yes, but regularily I have hundreds of files I potentially want to change a tag depending on quite complex conditions - I not always know a filter syntax for these either ... or ... besides ... . So it's easier to type the convert and take a look which file is affected...

So for the time being, until the new feature is there, the best way would be to either use the existing feature of the filter and learn the filter syntax or change the local system settings so that the default program for txt files can be used without problems.

If you have problems with the filter syntax you could perhaps describe an example and maybe you get suggestions to overcome the problems.

Thank you @ohrenkino and @LyricsLover, changing the default verb for txt-files is not an option for me. Filter will not help me e.g. checking tags from file name - there sortable columns are really handsome.

Also I can only filter for known criterias and I prefer reading the possible results to correct or enhance my masks.

Nevertheless I see that's a really seldom wish. I close this now, thanks to all your feedback.

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