Save configurations with date

I propose to make changes of the process of exporting configuration

When choosing File > Save configuration, the filename that show up is "". It would be handy, if the generated filename would also include the date and time. So that one would not had to go to the folder with exported setting every time there is a need to make another copy of settings, to move the old one to some other location. Or to manually change the ZIP filename. Right now, I have to manually create folder with date and move old settings there. In a matter of fact, I do this every time I save configuration. Having Mp3tag generate something like "" would be the minimal change

The more friendly user option would not even show the window with the file to be generated, but simply do it in the background. Of course, there should be option in settings for choosing the folder, that the settings are to be stored. [Casual users would probably use the default folder of installation anyhow, so I don't see a problem with that]

The more advanced change would include the ability to have an option to click "Load configuration" option from the menu, which would open the folder designated for storage of those ZIP files

The most advanced change would include the ability to have an option to click "Load last configuration", which would look for the ZIP file with the most recent date and time and then load it right away in the background [without additional clicking]

If someone is using filehandler FreeCommander, then that persons knows, how much time the availability of such options save when you are trying out new configurations for yourself

Within the dialog "Save configuration in..." you can rename the proposed filename as you like it.
I prefer a name like "".
Because the file dialog remembers my archive folder for Mp3tagSettings, it is not a great deal to save the zip file into the destinated folder.


I'll probably start using dates as filenames for those ZIP, if my propositions don't get incorporated

But I forgot to mention, that the loading settings of saved configuration, should be preceded by deletion of old folders / files. Because if you have an action or defined export named "XXX" and you rename it to "YYY', then without the deletion of XXX you will have both XXX and YYY when you simply copy stuff from ZIP to the installation folder

Also that's the problem with every new version- I get predefined actions that I do not use and have to get back to my own settings [by first deleting stuff from installation folder]. I wish I could just click-click and have it done without the drag

There is also another issue with having to manually restore settings

If there is an action names with pauses in front of it, something like for example

     Do whatever must be donethen the name would be changed to
Do whatever must be done[with all the pauses cut out]

It is not the fault of Mp3tag, but of Windows [at least that is the case in Windows 7 x64]. But If Mp3tag would handle the whole process, there would be no problem with such pauses. But that would most likely would have to be done is precisely such a way:
1] delete old actions [and other settings]
2] copy the ZIP file to the folder where settings of Mp3tag reside
3] unpack settings
4] delete ZIP from the folder where settings of Mp3tag reside

Because coping / moving settings after they are unpacked, would most likely result in loosing those pauses, as it would use the instructions / codes of Windows

Right now to avoid lost of pauses I need to copy / move such named actions with TeraCopy. So I cannot anymore just go to the folder with my archived settings, explore a particular ZIP, select all with CTRL + A and press CTR + C, go to Mp3tag folder and then press CTRL + V. Now I have to unpack the ZIP and move unpacked content with TeraCopy [which does not cut out Pauses]

[And if you are wondering what are the pause for, the answer is: to move certain actions to the horizontal middle of the actions list so that they would visually stand out from the rest

If you do not use the plain space character (ASCII 32) but other characters that look like a space character but actually have a different character code, perhaps one of the suggestions from this thread:

Then you might get the indention.

I followed the link and ended up checking out every kind of space listed in this article:

And its the same story: if such space are putted in front of a filename, Windows copy option removes them during the operation

So unless Mp3tag does the whole operation of importing settings, the user has to take the long way if within these settings are actions with space at the beginning of their names

The Alt-255 character looks like a space but isn't and it indents - the filename and the menu entry.

In case you do not know how enter that:
Press the Alt-key on the keyboard and type in 255 on the number pad.
Then release the Alt-key.

The problem is not if a special character is seen or not by Mp3tag or in filename

The problem is what happens when you copy such file

If you put ALT + 255 in the beginning of a file, they also will be wiped out during coping / moving; unless I use TeraCopy

So there is no point in using them in names of actions; they are as bad as ordinary ones [they are not really bad, it is the Windows who is bad here; and Mp3tag could be better, if it would workaround this issue by using those 4 steps]

The way it is currently implemented allows you to copy/move individual actions and reports easily without the need to open MP3tag.
As unpacking the zip-file is also a process that relies on the OS functions to create files, I suspect that you end up with the same truncation.
So I would think my selection of character over and use something like _

If Mp3tag would use some TEMP folder to unpack settings, and thus move unpacked files, the problem still would be there

If it would use my 4 steps, and thus not moving unpacked files, the issues would most likely go away