Saved my Tags but they are not showing in Windows file details

Hey there.

I just finished saving some tags using the software and while it shows up fine in MP3Tag when I go into the folder with my MP3s not a single one of the tags shows up. Am I missing something?

Which tag version do you write? V2.4? Try V2.3.

How do I check it? I just started using MP3Tags so I am a bit lost.

I found this. Not sure if it helps you figure out my problem.

Press CTRL + O (Menu Tools -> Options), Tags, Mpeg and check the section "Write".

On shipment there is a column fairly far to the right which shows you the found tag version.
The settings for writing tags can be found in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
Are you sure that the files are OK? Esp. files from youtube or so which got converted by other internet sites are prone to be corrupted.
See here for links for programs to check the files:

Try mp3diags.

I feel very stupid for not checking if the files actually play before tagging them. Will redownload and let you all know if that fixes it.

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Ok so it WAS that the files were all corrupted. I redownloaded and the app worked like a charm. Sorry for bothering all of you with my bs and thanks for trying to help me anyway. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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