Saving all cover art in a single separate folder

Hello all

I have - thanks to mp3tag - got my whole music collection neatly organized and tagged with ID32v3
in the classic structure : \genre \ artist \ year album\ tracknumber title.
The last thing to do is sort out the icing on the cake - the cover art.

I use a SqueezeBox and it allows the following options

  1. embed art in each title.mp3 individually
  2. save a JPG per folder
  3. save all JPGs in a separate folder.

At the moment I have a mix of options 1) and 2)
and I would like to arrive at 3) throughout,
i.e. all JPGs saved with filename Artist-Album.jpg in a separate folder.

Can mp3tag handle this automatically ?
Or, if not, what can I do manually ?

Any suggestions for Action scripts please slowly, step-by-step.

Best regards from Ray

Hi Ray,

you can use an action Export cover to file to export existing cover art from the tags to the desired cover art directory. As a format string, you can use placeholders like %artist% and %album% and also give an absolute file path, e.g., D:\CoverArt\%artist%-%album%

Kind regards,

Thanks Florian. I hadn't thought of using an absolute path. That does the trick.

Just one more question - though not terribly important :

Using this method (i.e. all cover art all saved in a single, separate folder)
is there some way of having the art displayed in mp3tag
or is this only possible for the "embedded in tag" and "folder.jpg in each album folder" methods
(with tools - options- "don't display" unchecked) ?

Best regards from Ray

Sorry, unfortunately not.

Kind regards,