Saving as ID3v2.4 with mp3tag = cover not showing in Serato

See video:

When I import purchased tracks (AIFF + MP3) from Beatport or BPMSupreme, cover shows up in Serato. Those files come with ID3v2.4 metadata.
When I save them with MP3tag, the covers won't show up anymore in Serato.
When I alter/save them with iTunes, no such issue.

Only Serato seems to be affected.
Traktor & Rekordbox have no such issue after saving in ID3v2.4
Saving as ID3v2.3 no issues in Serato.

Perhaps this is something that can be fixed in MP3tag though, since when altering/saving with iTunes the files do show cover in Serato.

Thanks for the video and the example files! This was very helpful :pray:

It's probably Serato not supporting the ID3v2.4 Unsychronization Scheme (ID3 tag version 2.4.0 - Main Structure — Section 6.1).

I'm applying this with ID3v2.4, but not with ID3v2.3 to offer a range of compatibility options.

Just wanted to give a quick update here: it's actually an issue with Serato, which is not implementing the ID3v2 standard in this regard.

However, the unsynchronization scheme was initially invented to not irritate software that isn't aware of ID3v2 tags. So it's very unlikely that not applying the unsynchronization scheme would cause any harm. I think most — if not all — of the apps that work with audio files are ID3v2-aware now. This is also the reason why I think that Serato and others are unlikely to implement this anytime soon.

As a consequence, I've dropped applying the unsynchronization scheme with Mp3tag v3.06c to increase overall compatibility.

Tested it out on Serato following the same process as shown in video demo: Works all ok now \o/

Also VirtualDJ 2021 had trouble reading ID3v2.4 cover with AIFF, after changing the cover with mp3tag earlier verions.
Just tested it, but it's showing the proper cover too by now, even after altering with mp3tag.
Consider it fixed. Thanks again!

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Thanks Bas! Thanks for taking the time to try it with all the different DJ tools — much appreciated!

Happy it's working now :slight_smile:

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