Saving filters like custom actions

Is it possible to save filters in a similar manner to actions so that they can be easily retrieved within the software/exported for use on other systems?

No, this is not possible at the moment.
But you can save them with the whole configuration of MP3Tag and use them in another system.

Hello poster, thank you for your reply. Do you know if this is on a to-do list?

In the mean time, I think you are referring to: C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\mp3tag.cfg

It would be good if it were possible to bring up a text editor via an 'advanced' button in the action list and custom filter list (if implemented) when selecting an existing file. It's really annoying trying to find these files manually.

You can create a Tool (Tools>Options>Tools) that opens the windows explorer with these parameters:
This opens the Windows Explorer in the MP3tag data folder.
Saving the configuration is performed with the function File>Save Configuration ...

On filters and them being saved, see e.g. this thread from 2011:

I'm gonna bump this (1 year later) just as a refresher, and maybe stimulate a bit of discussion around it....

This feels like a super useful option. Is this anywhere on the road-map for MP3Tag? Savable filters sounds like a good feature, no?

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I think that a filter is used prior to executing actions.
And to execute an action, you have to select at least 1 file.
It could well be that a filter leads to no hits - so the actions could not be executed.
I find the visual feedback whether there are any hits and how many there are quite useful - and then I know whether I want to use an action or not.

You could create a tool that opens the editor and a specific file where you save your filter expressions - and even add a comment so that you can see what the filter does.
So it is possible even today to save filters, allbeit not with pure MP3tag means.

I agree - that's one way to use filters.

If it's a conscious decision not to allow Filters to be saved, that's fine. Maybe it's not possible. I'd love to know why, though. I'd love to be able to save filters as actions. That way, I could save it as part of set of actions (utils).