Script editor

Is there a script editor (like notepad++, notepad2) for mta and mte files to make easier to fix the problem with scripts?(Highlighting things, check parentheses, line breaks...)

For TextPad I've created the syntax file "mp3tag.syn".
mp3tag.syn.txt (2.78 KB)


mp3tag.syn.txt (2.78 KB)

Thank you very much.

If someone could do a Language for Notepad++, I would be greatful. I wouldn't even know where to start myself, and I don't tend to have the patience to read through documentations to do something like this. I just know that it can be helpful to see the syntax highlighting and such in Notepad++ when editing things like HTML or an INI. :slight_smile:

Here's a start for Notepad++ (868 Bytes)

Thanks Dano!
Is there one for mta and mtg files too?