Scripts Lost In Upgrade to V3.20

I just upgraded to MP3Tag v3.20. I had a well used regular expression, as well as a couple of other scripts, which I no longer have in v3.20. Do I now have to re-code all those scripts or is there some way, or place, to access them in v3.20?

Jerry B

Did you use a different installation mode than before? Standard vs. portable or vice versa?
Or did you switch from 32- to 64-bit plus you changed the installation mode?

Usually, an update keeps the settings.
See the documentation for possible previous places for your user-settings:

Hi ohrenko

Yes, I changed from 32 bit to 64 bit. Now what?

Jerry B

right next to the download link was/is a link to notes that best should be followed:

You could try to un-install the 64-bit version,
install the 32-bit-version in the same way you did before you switched to 64-bti,
check, whether the settings you are now missing, are still there,
save the configuration in a safe place,
un-install the 32-bit-version,
install the 64-bit-version,
restore the settings from the saved configuration.

If the settings are not visible after an update, it's often related to a Portable version of Mp3tag being used either before the update or after.

The Standard installation preserves previously used settings, even when updating from 32-bit to 64-bit.

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