Scroll wheel in Filter Box does not always work

Currently the user can use the scroll wheel of a mouse when focused in Filter Box, in order to go quickly through previous search inquiries. But if the user is writing something new in the Filter Box, then the scroll wheel is automatically disabled- while the arrows on the keyboard still allow to go through the list. So it is a bug, one way or another- in such situation either the scroll wheel should work or the arrows should not

For me the first is the bug as it is counter productive. I often start to write something but come to a realization that I should rather go through the history of my FB- and in most cases the next thing I will do will be something requiring my hand being on a mouse. And so I would like to be able to put my hand on the mouse already, to first use the scroll wheel and then to do the something else. And if it is suppose to be a fail safe serving as a blockade- then that this not make sense, because you use write in Filter Box with what? With the keyboar- and most likely using both hands, thus with hands off the devices with scrolling wheels

[I am using Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Refresh M-R0001 in Mp3tag 2.91 on Windows 7 x64]

Editing puts the filter box in a mode where the scroll wheel is disabled. This is also the case for Tag Panel fields and all other drop-down fields that are editable. It's intended behavior.

See this topic for a discussion that motivated this change

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