Search for discs without track numbers

I have a large music collection, groomed over the years with MP3Tag (yea, Heinrich!). I need to search for the relatively few CDs that do not have track numbers in their records, rather than just stumbling across them while randomly listening. How would I structure a search for those discs, and could the results of such a search be printed out in some way so I could work on them at my leisure? Thanks for any help!

Try a filter like
%track% MISSING

Which is similar to this solution:

Would this yield results on a track by track basis, or album by album? I really only need to know the album titles. From that (I suspect much shorter) list I can just pull the CD and assign track numbers from the jewel case inlay card. I am trying to avoid an excessively long listing... a single opera could easily have 40+ tracks.
Thanks again

I think it would have been quicker to simply try the filter than to write the post.
As MP3tag always looks at each file individually and does not know anything about albums, you will get a list of all files that have not data in TRACK.

I would also like to draw your attention to the track numbering wizard (Ctrl+K) which would take over the task to insert the numbers as long as the files are already in the correct order.
Also, it might be worthwhile to check whether the filenames have the track number somewhere and then transfer it from the filename to the metadata field.
If you have problems with this import, please show us a real filename, as every space and hyphen counts.

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