Selecting all tracks in an album

While trying to refresh my swiss-cheese memory by searching in the forum, I came across this quote from Florian:

"you can sort by album and select all files of a particular album via [Shift+] "

It was from back in 2010. I can't make it work. Is it still valid? Is there any alternative?

I'm trying to clean up tags in close to 5000 albums, so any tips would be appreciated. Currently, I sort by album, click on the first track of an album and shift-click on the last track of the album. But alas, I'm prone to errors.

If you refer to this post from 2010

then you were unfortunately mislead by the old formatting in that post, which lead to hide vital information.

is the only way to do it - and this was also described in the old post.
The formatting in the old thread got updated.

Ah. Thought there must have been something missing or lost. Anyway, I am following your advice to avoid hyphens in tags, so I am replacing " - Disc 2" with ", Disc 2" etc. Also updating album art to have everything at 1000x1000. I've gotten through the artists beginning with the letter B. Lots of work!

But just think of all those “lost” and forgotten tracks that you will uncover and bring back to the forefront for listening again. The joy of the efforts!

Yeah, and then find the time to actually them. That's the really hard part!