Send tracks to Audacity with an export script

The Mp3tag export feature can be used to create and run scripts using the metadata of the selected tracks.
I call such MTE scripts Export-Tools.

Attached is an Export-Tool which creates a VBS script that causes selected tracks to be imported by Audacity.
The VBS script is executed if the user clicks "Yes" when asked "Display Export file now?" after exporting is complete.
It deletes itself when executed successfully.

Some requirements:

  • Windows PowerShell must be installed (it is native to Windows 7 and higher; available by download for Vista and XP)
  • Mp3tag must be configured to display a message "at exporting tags"
  • "Append data" and "One file per directory" must be unchecked when exporting

Some advantages:

  • no Windows command prompts are displayed
  • option to open 1 Audacity window containing all tracks, or 1 Audacity window for each track
  • avoids reported problems experienced when sending multiple files to Audacity with an Mp3tag tool "for all selected files"

Some details:
An Audacity LOF file is used to import multiple files to a new Audacity window or to create windows for each file. (see
However, it seems that Audacity does not recognize unicode paths in a LOF file.
Therefore, the LOF file is created containing the short paths (aka DOS or 8.3) of the selected tracks.
The long file name is displayed in Audacity.
Audacity v2.0.2 was used for testing. I guess later versions behave the same, but maybe they don't.

Export_Tool___Send_Track_s__to_Audacity.mte (4.51 KB)

I have tested it and it seems to be working A-OK, also with those problematic files

And not only you have some coding skill but you are also a telapath: you have read my thought concerning the placement of the LOF file and some kind of it's hiding or automated deletion afterwards

So kudos to you

Thank-you for testing and for making a report here.

The only "issue" with it is this: after using that export script, the "Export file name" [in the Export window] changes to
for all of the other scripts. So it's a minimal tradeoff [because I had it set to something like M:\Music\list.txt]

Nothing to complaint about; I'm just noticing the change