Seperators in tags from MusicBrainz (v2.89)

Upon tagging from MusicBrainz, tags where the Artist includes "feat. ____" has the "feat." removed so it shows artist names without separation. Additionally, it shows multiple versions of the person's name.

An example and comparison with the MusicBrainz site is shown here:

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your example shows the field ARTIST in the source and the FILENAME in the target. Is that a problem?

The destination being filename is simply the auto-tag interface. I think the problem is that MusicBrainz has a "separator" (the "&" or "," or "x" etc.), which probably needs to be put between artists in tags.

I am experiencing the same issue. I would like to use the separators from musicbrainz, but mp3tag seems to remove then, without giving me the option to keep them.

see also this discussion:

Can you please try the attached MusicBrainz web source and check whether it's working now? (2.2 KB)