Show mulitple genres in column list?

I use the mulitple genres for my mp3's:


I use the \\ trick (Latin\\Jazz) to enter this information via the tag panel.

Is it possible to get both genres to show in the main column list?

Because this is the first result in Google I add the solution twelve years leater :wink:

You CAN show all existing Genres with the help of the scripting command $meta
Add $meta(genre) like in this example.
Name your column "All Genres" (or whatever you like to see as column header).

There is no need to add this to the columns-config because it is already there if you install Mp3Tag:

Yesterday I have installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro with a fresh copy of Mp3tag 2.86i
Such a column is NOT installed by design, at least not in my environment. :wink:

Hm. I have 3 installations on different computers and on all the column-defintion for GENRE looks like this.
Maybe I really changed this personally but I don't remember.:blush: