Slow root directory loading

Hi Folks,

i have come across a problem that i can't find a solution. i'm using a laptop over a network connection. i run mp3tag and open a root directory from my desktop. when i do tis it take over four hours to load. i'm doing this so a can sort mp3 that i wish to work on by year. if i open a artist folder from the root direct it works fine. this started a few days ago when i setup a desktop. was working fine from laptop to laptop. any suggestions to correct this without using the desktop?

Looks to me like a network problem. And IMHO ist virtually impossible to troubleshoot your network setup from the distance.
You would have to check the connection speeds first of all. Are they all gigabit LAN? What kind of access restrictions apply on the remote drive?
All such things. Very hard to tell and has hardly anything to do with MP3tag.

Thanks your guess to your response is as good as mine.i have know idea how to check them.

I just remembered this thread:

Perhaps that has in impact.

Thanks i did some more look up on this and i found that it a windows thing from what i have read. i did get it loaned on my laptop. close the program after first laod and rerun and it looks to laod some faster. Thanks again for the reply.