Slow writing tags of Qobuz download

I am a newbie to this site. Last week I tagged a lot of albums with this program and I'm very satisfied with it. With this program I can solve tag problems in Roon.
Unfortunately I noticed with some albums that saving the tags takes a very long time and I suspect that it is mainly albums that I downloaded via Qobuz in AIFF format. At the moment it takes more than an hour to save custom tags for an album and 9 out of 10 (tracks?) have been saved. In total there are 4 fields in which I have adjusted tags (it is not about covers).

I've read other threads on this subject but don't see much resemblance with mine. Maybe I didn't read well enough.
Is it a known problem and is there anything that can be done about it?
Thanks for reading and answering my question.

As we can see in the title of your screenshot, you try to apply your changes directly on your NAS.

Does it reduce the write time if you copy your 10 tracks first from your NAS to a local fast SSD and then apply your 4 changes to all your 10 locally loaded tracks?

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The search words "slow writing" return e.g. these threads:

General summary: don't tag over the network.

It was indeed a network problem. Now I copy a number of albums to the PC where Mp3tag is also installed and adding the meta data is now a lot faster. Of the 50 albums I modified, 1 was rejected. I do not know why. Qobuz's downloaded albums are a bit slower than my ripped albums when saving custom tags. Furthermore, creating extra fields for e.g. import date in the overview was also a godsend. I think I have not yet discovered everything in this pleasant working program and I am happy with the help offered on this site.

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