Some windows are opening in wrong behaviour

Some windows, such as Reading Directory or Quick Action, still open in the center of the main application window, and although they can be moved elsewhere, re-calling these windows makes them reappear in the center of the main application window.

What are the consequences?
If two monitors are used, then such a window opens at the edge of one of the monitors, and it may even fall out on the secondary screen.

Example: if the main part of the application window is on, say, screen 1 on the right and most of the applications are on screen 1, the auxiliary windows fall off the left edge of monitor 1 and not in the center of that monitor, which would be easier for inspection.
If the application is stretched more to the screen 2 (even by a few pixels only) due to the behavior of Win10 (moving windows away from the edge of the monitor by a few pixels), the dialogs as above fall on screen 2 on the left, not where the main body of the application is (monitor 1).

What I wish?
I would like to decide the position of these windows by moving them (better) or I would like them to appear at least in the center of the Windows so called Main Display (worse).

Can you also release the position of Quick Action and Reading Directory windows so that when you move them to any place, they remember their position?
This has already been done for other helper and dialog windows, e.g. the Action Groups or Tag-Filename window can be moved anywhere and it remembers its position during next opening of them.