Sony Android Walkman

I tried to use MP3TAG with my hardwired USB connected Sony Walkman (Android), set to file transfer, to check/change FLAC files. MP3TAG didn't want those files. Normal file transfer (copy/move) between Walkman and PC (vice-versa) is no problem: fast and precise.
What's going on here?

You have to set the device to USB mode.
The walkman has to look like a drive with a drive letter in windows.

Thank you. That's exactly what I did. Read my post again.....

and? does a drive letter appear in the windows explorer?
See e.g. here:

Yes, the drive appears in Windows (10), but MP3TAG doesn't see the drive (File>Change/Add directory), and dragging the files (like I normally do within Windows) does not work either. Weird, isn't it? The last bug :-?

You are seeing the device itself in Windows explorer. But is is not getting an actual drive letter such as C: or D: there. This is common for all newer Android devices. You cannot access these files directly for mp3tag to edit them directly on the device.

WOW... Didn't notice that. You're right: no drive letter, just 'Walkman'... Any solution in Android? Or is Google bugging Microsoft?

Not that I said

On some devices you can set the USB mode to "USB" (not FTP, USB Tethering, MIDI, PTP).
In newer OS versions that mode has been disabled for security reasons. So if you don't find it you have to transfer the files with the dedicated program first to a PC, modify them there and then transfer them back again.

It may be possible that you can activate it after enabling the developer mode in the system settings.

I have not been able to resolve this. I believe it is Google using the sandboxing method that prevents files from being modified on the device itself. You can copy or move files, but not edit.

I installed WebDAV Server from Google Play, and was able to mount the Walkman as a drive through a WIFI connection - interesting. But the files did not show up. Basically it was a mess, showing root folders, mixed with SD card folders, it seemed.

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