Sort Alphabetically WTHIN a Tag?

I have a tag that I use to keep notes on tracks. Just general notes on a track (examples - Bass; Heavy; Vocals; Dirty; New; etc...)

I use the MOVEMENTNAME tag, since this is readable in both iTunes and MP3Tag, and I'd like to use Smart Playlists in iTunes to sort tunes by MOVEMENTNAME tag.

Is there a way that I can sort my entries in the MOVEMENTNAME tag alphabetically? So:

Bass; Heavy; Vocals; Dirty; New;

would become:

Bass; Dirty; Heavy; New; Vocals;

All tags are separated by "; " (semi-colon,space).


Nothing has changed since this thread:

What you could try: see if iTunes understands multi-value fields and so split one MOVEMENTNAME from one field with many entries to many fields with the name MOVEMENTNAME with a single entry.
But is this necessary at all? Don't the smart playlists have an operator "contains" or "has"?

Thanks for the update. :+1: