Sorting by title and length not working in Adjust tag information panel

Hi @Florian,

Same issue as this one. Sorting by length in the WSS info window does nothing - #3 by Florian

It raises its ugly head again :poop:

Here's the screenshot of the issue. Here's it's sorted by length. The same issue is there when sorting by title too.

Here's the Beatport release in question:

Doing this sort works much better by clicking on the two length columns though.

The problem here is that several tracks have identical or very similar track lengths. I'm using a one-second tolerance when computing the sorting suggestion, and this is already enough to make the result not matching the actual correct sorting — I think this is also why I've named the feature "Suggest ..." and not "Sort by ...".

I could remove the one-second tolerance, but this would then fail with other releases where there is a slight mismatch between the reported track length and the actual track length.

Another option would be to really use a multi-pass sorting computation, but this seems to be too much work for such a convenience feature.

I forgot to scroll over on the left pane for the last screenshot but here's it sorted by length. There seems to be something wrong with the sorting function.

Sorted by time

Sorted by title

I've completely rewritten the sorting and it should be much more reliable with Mp3tag v3.06f.

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Much better, thanks @Florian.

This seems resolved for now at least :).

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